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Hearing aids receive sound through a microphone and transmit it into the ear through a speaker. Your hearing aids will be programmed by our hearing care provider to provide you with the perfect amplification to help you hear sounds. The hearing aid system is complex, but on a basic level hearing aids amplify sounds while filtering out background noise.

If your ears feel clogged and muffled, you should come in for an ear exam. Hearing loss can make sounds quitter and more muffled, making it hard to understand speech. If you can’t hear out of your ears then contact us today for a hearing test.

If you have recently been exposed to loud noise, or a loud impact blast, then you should contact us immediately for a hearing exam. Loud noise exposure can damage your hearing or cause you to hear a ringing in your ears. If your hearing has been damaged then a hearing aid would be the best solution to help you retain your speech comprehension.
Hearing aids are mini computers that will provide your brain with the proper amplification it needs to hear sounds as well as high and low frequencies. Because your brain needs your hearing in order to stay active and healthy, hearing aids play an important role in your overall health. At Hearing Solutions Hearing Aid Center, we carry a large selection of hearing devices, including mini hearing aids, Bluetooth devices, and hearing aids in a wide range of colors to match your preferences.
Hearing aids typically last between 3-7 years, depending on how well you care for them. When brought in for regular maintenance and cleanings, hearing aids can last you for many years. Many hearing aid brands release new technology every 3 years. For this reason, many patients like to upgrade their hearing aids every 3-5 years to take advantage of the new technology.
Tinnitus can be chronic or temporary. Some people experience short bursts of tinnitus that only occurs occasionally, while others may experience tinnitus on a regular basis. Often times, tinnitus is the result of a one-time exposure to loud noise. In this case, it’s important to come in for a hearing check. We can help you stop the ringing in your ears, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

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