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Information on hearing loss and how hearing aids can help.

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At Hearing Solutions Hearing Aid Center, we offer educational resources and advanced solutions for hearing loss. Many people experience hearing loss gradually, over the course of a few years. This can make it difficult because you have probably grown accustomed to not hearing certain sounds and you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

You’re not alone. Approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Our hearing care provider offers a wide range of hearing technology that can help you manage your hearing loss.

How Does Hearing Work?

The hearing system is complex and there are a number of functions at work to ensure you hear properly.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Recognizing hearing loss can be difficult, especially if you’ve lost your hearing over the course of a few years. Some signs of hearing loss to look out for include:

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Although some types of hearing loss are caused by genetics or age, other types of hearing loss can be prevented. Noise induced hearing loss is entirely preventable yet it is one of the main causes of hearing loss in people of all ages.

To prevent noise induced hearing loss, it’s best to avoid exposing yourself to sounds over 85 decibels. Since that can be difficult, especially if you work in an occupation where noise is frequently loud, it is crucial to wear hearing protection.

Hearing protection, such as earplugs, will protect your ears from loud sounds, including loud impact blasts. If you work in a factory, in construction, or in another noisy environment, it’s important to protect your hearing. Earplugs are also necessary for individuals who partake in noisy activities, such as motorsports, live music, or for those who work with power tools. If you are interested in custom hearing protection to keep your ears safe, please contact us.

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How to Improve Your Hearing


Many people believe they can live with their hearing loss and don’t ever receive the proper care to manage it. However, when left untreated hearing loss can have a negative impact on your well-being.

Over time hearing loss can cause you to lose your speech comprehension, making it difficult to understand what people are saying. It can also lead to cognitive decline; this is because your brain needs sounds to stay active and healthy. Fortunately, there is a good solution: hearing aids! Hearing aids can provide your brain with the necessary sounds and frequencies it needs to stay healthy. Hearing aids will also provide you with the proper amplification and clarity to hear your friends and family members. Don’t let hearing loss stop you from enjoying your life. Contact us today to get started on the path to better hearing with hearing aids.

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